Hey fellow non-UK fans of crabstickz! So are you feeling sad about not being able to watch Chris Kendall and his friends on the awesome FUNTIME show on BBC iPlayer? Well don’t worry because I may have a solution for you :)

I will explain how to change your proxy settings (also know as changing your LAN) for Mac. I wont get into detail what a proxy is but it basically keeps you from viewing certain countries sites and whatnot. 

Best thing is…it’s fairly simple ^_^ Just go to your System Preferences, click on Network, and you should find something that says “Advanced…”. Click that and you should see a window that says “AirPort” along with other tabs. Look to the right and you should see “Proxies”, click that.

You will see the “Select a protocol to configure” and below it a bunch of check boxes. Check the box that says “Web Proxy (HTTP)”

When you check that box, you will need to enter the numbers EXACTLY how I did in my photo above. This number is a UK proxy address, so you will be tricking the BBC website to thinking you are in the UK! 

When you are done, just hit “OK” then “Apply” to finish. Refresh the BBC iPlayer page and you should be watching in no time :)

I really hope this helped, but let me know if you are having some trouble. I was able to watch the video just fine on my Macbook Pro by doing these steps. I just want to help other crabstickz fans out there to be able to watch this AMAZING show! Good luck!

UPDATE: You may need to use Google Chrome to get the best results. That’s what I’m using and I’m afraid Safari might be a tad bit slow. There are other proxy address you can try by visiting this site:   http://www.xroxy.com/proxy-country-GB.htm